Activities for your dog


We are Cocobo paws for life – CANINE Foundations

Our aim is to support you and your dogs for the whole of their lives. Our 5-acre park west of Sydney is an ideal location for you and your dog to have fun together in a dog-safe environment.

  • Boarding. Our Country Farm Holiday boarding package offers your dog an array of fun activities to do while you’re away: including, running free, swimming in the water ways,  hanging out with other dogs and relaxing in the sun. Book your dog’s Boarding here.
  • Play park. Paws day out to Sniffspace members. See:
  • Parties and play dates. We cater for events for you and your dogs – Birthday parties, Play dates
  • Events and Open Days. And big events for lots and lots and lots of dogs
  • Training. We can help you with any training or behaviour issues you might experience. Book a consultation.

Safety is our foremost thought and no expense has been spared to ensure all dogs are safe at all times.  Your dog’s holiday resort has 6-foot fences all around the 8 acres with 10 inches of concrete under every fence.