K9 retreat booking form

Please READ all the way down to the Terms and Conditions, then fill out the form and submit.

Spaces are limited – book early! Once you submit your booking request, we’ll send you a confirmation.

Drop-off and pick-up times

These times apply when you are bringing your dog/s to me:

  • Drop-off time is between 10am and 11am
  • Pick-up is between 4 and 5pm
  • Other times may be negotiated, however, you will incur an additional charge if you do not notify me of changes to your pick-up time
  • No drop-off or pick-up on Public Holidays

If you wish to “visit” when dropping off or picking up, it will need to between 10am  and 11am, outside these times I will meet you at the gate and take your from dog there. (This minimises barking, and allows all the dogs settled as a group.)

Note: if you want a pick-up/drop-off service we’ll negotiate pick-up times if we are going to come to you.

Cost per day

  • Cost of K9 Retreat = $35.00 per day
  • $10.00 extra per day on public holidays = $45.00 day
  • Admin fee = $25.00 per booking
  • K9 Retreat for 2 or more dogs = $35.00 per day for the first dog, $30.00 per day for each additional dog
  • Pick-up or drop-off service = $100.00 per trip (within metropolitan Sydney), $125.00 per trip on weekends and public holidays.

Payment options

  • You can pay cash on drop-off
  • Direct Debit prior to drop-off


Information about you and your dog /s


Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to K9 Retreat Boarding, Day Care, Minding and Grooming

  1. My dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date. I have a certificate from my vet.
  2. I will ensure my pet is clean and Flea & Worm Free. If the pet has fleas, I understand Jenny will treat and charge for size of dog.
  3. I will advise you of any health issue my dog has.
  4. I have to provided the details of an emergency contact person who can make decisions about my dog on my behalf if I cannot be contacted.
  5. I give my permission for Jenny to take the dog to a vet if she feels it is necessary and I will cover the total cost.
  6. I understand that fees are charged ‘per day’ regardless of drop off time or pick up time.
  7. Understand Jenny will take all care to ensure the safety, security and well-being of my pet/s and/or property whilst they are in her care. I accept that it is at our own risk that I employ the services of K9 Retreats and therefore indemnify Jenny from any illness, bites, death, loss or injury to our pet/s and/or damage/loss to our property.
  8. I understand that in a worst case scenario, Jenny will make the call she would for her own dogs, unless I have provided Jenny with specific instructions of the action to take in the event of illness/death.
  9. I understand that my Booking for my K9 Retreat is not confirmed until the information on this form is completed.

Instructions for drop-off/pick-up will be sent to you once booking is confirmed.