Hello and Welcome to Cocobo’s new Website and Blog.

Cavalier pups due in May 2021! –

We are all about supporting you and your family to have the best possible relationship with your dog or dogs. The services we offer include:

  • Online support, and in-house training and reeducating you and your dog.
  • If you’re thinking about getting a dog or a puppy we offer a number of in-house packages to get you started.
  • Do you need to get your dog somewhere but just don’t have the time, we can come and get them take them to that appointment, or wherever you need them taken, we can wait, and then bring them home (we’re located in the western Sydney area).
  • We also offer very limited places for dogs to have a holiday with us.
  • If you are need help or support, because somebody in your family is frightened or terrified when they think about dogs, we can offer therapies and strategies to help you move to a more comfortable place when you’re around dogs.

Well that’s enough about us, I’m really looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Watch this space.