What people are saying about Cocobo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies

I got my dog Bailey from Cocobo Kennels in 2014. Throughout the 8+ years that we’ve had her, she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Bailey is sweet, easy to train, and very loving – so much so that she was accepted as a Delta Therapy Dog following a rigorous temperament assessment. Due to her gentle and kind nature, I never have to worry about her around young children or other pets. She’s also been free from genetic illnesses and has been very healthy. You won’t be disappointed if you welcome your newest family member from Cocobo Kennels.

Diana – Sydney

We got our boy Manny from Jenny. He is a fun and caring boy. Jenny is an honest and caring Breeder. Even when our other cavalier (who we didn’t get from Jenny) was sick, Jenny was available to help with advice. Jenny has videos to show how to care for our dog. Very helpful. Her house is set up, with clean and wonderful yard with very happy dogs, running around. I could not recommend a better breeder.

Liz – Flinders

Meet Pepa (6) and Chewie (12) these girls have brought so much joy to our life. They have the most beautiful and gentle personalities. Thanks to Jenny – she breeds the best cavaliers. She is the most caring woman I know and is so supportive and always there to reassure you and give advice.

Manuela – Ambarvale

We couldn’t be happier with our Tri Cavalier, Busta, who we purchased from Jenny 4 years ago. Jenny matched him perfectly to our family and provided great after care support. It was so nice to be able to see the mum with her puppies before taking Busta home and see that they had lovely open spaces to run around in. Jenny also offers boarding facilities which are a life saver when you go on holidays.

Melanie – Coogee

Our boy Max is 8 and is an absolute joy and big part of our family. When I met Jenny to meet Max I was so impressed by the knowledge and care shown for all her dogs. She knew each one, their names, looks and could describe the family lineage on all. This was impressive as there was a lot of dogs. They all followed and listened to Jenny with such love too. The care put in by Jenny for her dogs is 100%. I have friends who have also got Cavaliers from her too … not referred, just by chance. I would never hesitate to go through Jenny in future even though I’m interstate now.

Shelley – Queensland

We have had Jersey girl since 2012 and she’s been such a delight in our lives. She’s had her ups and downs like a small heart murmur since she was little and has developed a skin condition over the years which caused a lipoma which was removed in 2021. She is hyper allergenic so needs a good dog food to keep her going and from all the meds she’s been on has slight Cushings, but overall she is a trooper and still plays like a puppy and is the toughest dog we’ve ever known.

Katherine – Tea Gardens

Our 2 cavaliers, both from Jenny. Tri colour Indie turns 7 this year and little Bella will be 1 – such different personalities but best friends. Jenny has always been there for a chat and breeds the most well adjusted personality plus puppies around. Miss Independent Bella keeps us laughing all day and Indie is a big sook always happy to cuddle … Did I say Jenny is great?

Tracy – Glenmore Park

Awesome! My 8 year old Ruby is a Jenny Agnes Banks Cocobo baby. I also had Dudley, whom she re-homed to me, but sadly he has crossed over after 2 years. I would highly recommend her puppies/dogs. they are well bred, and she provides such amazing services especially rehoming dogs where necessary. Love you Jenny Agnes Banks.

Karin – Frankston

I’ll never forget the day that George and I came to your place expecting to adopt a puppy. But, you in your wisdom encouraged us to take a female dog who was about to give birth to her second litter. After the gorgeous puppies of Jersey were weaned we were able to take her home. Jersey has been such a blessing to my family and we love her dearly. She’s getting old now, like us, but I wouldn’t hesitate to add such a beautiful dog, a cavalier from Jenny to your family. My grandchildren adore her.

Aileen – Sydney

Mango is coming up to the one year mark. He has completely won us over and we couldn’t imagine life without him. Everyone we meet loves him too! He’s such a joy to be around.

Caroline – Sydney



Photo in the banner at the top of the page: Leo – he’s an award-winning agility competitor bred at Cocobo Kennels, NSW.