When you buy a Cocobo Red Toy Poodle

We do everything we possibly can to breed and rear our puppies to be the best canine companions money can buy – with optimal temperament and health.

What is included in our puppy package

Our Red Toy Poodles aren’t cheap, but they are the best, and all our Red Toy Poodle puppies come with:

  • Standard and up to date vaccination and worming
  • Microchipped
  • 4 weeks of complimentary pet insurance is also available to all new owners from award winning company TRUPANION
  • Guaranteed not inbred, dramatically reducing your puppy’s chance of inheriting serious genetic defects, i.e- its parents will not be related for at least 4 generations.
  • Family reared for great early socialisation so your puppy is properly prepared to become part of your family, scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of behavioural issues later in life (a good reason NOT to buy from pet shops or puppy farms!).
  • Photo or video updates of their progress as puppies.
  • A full user’s manual that covers your puppy’s care, grooming, training etc. plus information on how to inexpensively feed your dog throughout its life for optimal health and minimal vet bills.
  • Free online training support.
  • You can book in for Holiday Boarding for your dog while you go on holidays.
  • Personality testing so that your new family member’s temperament fits your household composition and ownership experience as optimally as possible.  This is especially important if you have small children in your family and/or are a first-time owner.
  • A Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee of no life-threatening inherited disorders developing in your puppy.
  • Well underway to be toilet trained to our environment, making it as easy as possible for you.
  • Chew toy conditioned to enjoy chew toys.


Our puppies cost between $4500 and $5500. Normal size puppies are $4500 but very, very rarely we have a litter that includes some tiny tiny puppies that are more expensive.  They don’t come up that often so ask us about them if you’re interested.

There is a $500 deposit required per puppy to be on the list. This is counted towards the purchase price and is fully refunded if I cannot place a pup for you within the estimated time frame stated above.  If you leave the list for any other reason, you will receive $400 refund.

Please read our pricing policy (PDF)

Transport if you’re not in NSW

We are happy to provide interstate transport or a company of your choice. We are happy to arrange transport for you at your cost.

Going to their new owners is a stressful time whether they live across the road or across the country.  To lessen the impact we keep them 4 days longer than other breeders (proven to make a significant difference) and send them off with an item bearing the smells of their old home and littermates.  I don’t believe interstate travel adds

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