Our Puppies

We don’t change … each litter receives the same process, so our pups are all raised the same way.

Our puppies are family reared, they will fit in beautifully with your family. We work with you to select for disposition and temperament based on your family’s particular needs, this involves personality testing and matching so your new puppy will be a perfect match.

  • Our pups experience biosensor stimulation. The research confirms – biosensor stimulation increases tolerance to stress, stronger immune systems, stronger heart rates and breathing rates, stronger nervous systems, and better and more consistent temperaments. They were also found to have longer life spans
  • We do not kennel or cages our dogs they have access to our beautiful 10 park like acres, they have air conditioning for cold and hot weather, not to mentions 3 huge water spots to take a dip. 
  • We offer life time support and  a 100% heath guarantee, and our dogs are like boomerangs, as in they can always come back to their first home.

Find out the details: how our puppies live during their first 8 weeks.

Our commitment …

We are committed to ensuring our puppies are well adjusted and in the best possible condition emotionally and physically, we use a number of puppy strategies to bring out the most in our pups.

We believe our pups and dogs are leaving us to start their life journey with you, therefore, part of our role is to ensure the puppies are “Family Ready”.

  • Your new family member will be socialised with both big and small dogs before they are ready to go home with you, most of the time they are well on the way to being toilet trained too.
  • Our puppies know and understand dog etiquette
  • Our puppies and their mums have seen a been treated with love and respect since the day they were born.
  • Our dogs and pups don’t know what cages are, they are always born in the house where they live until the next stage of their development, each new environment matches their age, growth and mobility.
  • We do not like crate training and feel it it not really fair the pup.

It is our belief, our puppies have an advanced natural immunity system due to the experiences and exposure they have while in our care, then they are immunised and micro chipped to complete the picture, before they begin their life’s journey as your dog.

Our assessment criteria for matching puppies and families

We can do all we can, to raise the best pup we can for you, but as a new puppies family,  YOU need to do your bit.   We want you to start right


If you’re not looking for a puppy …

  • We also have older dogs looking for homes, not everyone wants a pup.