Puppies – their first 8 weeks

So much goes into our breeding program, when considering  which dogs to put in pup we  look at following

The seasons –

What the weather going to be like – this will have a bearing on which section of our property we use, winter we use the sunny side and summer the shady area. We try to avoid pups being born in January, its too hot for the mums.


We look at the DNA profile of the family of the dog we are considering and compare the genes of both mum and dad to make sure the match will not produce pups that will cause families issues later on.  In addition will remove from the program any dog, pron to allergies, we wont breed from a dog with tear stains. We will also look at the pups a few years later to see how they are if there are any health issues from a mating we wont do it again.

Type –

When considering which dogs we are going to breed , our cavaliers come in 2 different sizes we have the normal standard type and we have the very athletic type which is slim and small When selecting puppies for families we keep this in mind because if a family is interested in a lovely delightful cuddly dog for their puppy then one of the small active litters might not be suitable,  they may better be suited to families with busy lifestyles or who want to try competition.

Temperament –

We only breed dogs that are loving, strive for human company, get along with other dogs,  can run along with the motor bike and play for hours, no needy dogs allowed they need to have a bubbly, happy disposition. 

Pack raised pups

We believe nature know best.  So we raise our dogs and  pups according, they have a large park like property for our pack to grown and exercise in.  WE don’t do KENNELS or RUNS!  to explore and grown up in along with all there friends.  We like to breed 2 litters at a time. (feel free to ask us why? on anything on this site)


See the below 1 to 8 weeks

Puppy Culture 

See the below week 1

Standard practice and processes from 1 to 8 weeks

Enrichment, Handling and Socialization

Week one – Puppies and mum remained by my bed, so I can monitor any issues and ensure puppies are not rolled on during the night when mum is very tired after the first few days of whelping. Usually about 10 days.  We clean the bedding daily and check for abnormalities, to ensured puppies are feeding well and gaining weight, we keep an eye on the mothers teats to make sure they are not swollen and the milk has come through all puppies are able to latch and feed without assistance. We begin puppy culture techniques or bio stimulation.  Our pups are monitored by camera which, so we can check in on them at any time from any place.

Week two Continued cleaning bedding checking for puppies feeding well picking up puppies rubbing head and feet, ensure all puppies continue to gain weight. Mum’s milk is fine, and puppies are all feeding well.   Puppies eyes begin to open and they their ears open so they can hear. At about 10 days the pups can begin to regulate their own body temperature, We don’t “fiddle with our pups, we believe mothers know what they need, we only intervene if their is an issue”  other breeder often 1 timers pick up the pups and hand them around, we keep it as natural as possible.

Week three Now we start with a bit more handling rubbing  (about 1 minute x2 a day) all over checking bottoms clipping nails, talking to them picking up each day, puppies are wormed with Troy, lids of whelping boxes removed each day and returned at night. We add an area for toilet training.

Week four Move to bigger area, introduce grass, water, in mushy food options Handling rubbing all over checking bottoms clipping nails, talking to them picking up each day. At this age I begin to identify puppies, in relation to their personalities and types, for example who is the first puppy to start coming out of the whelping box which is the first puppy to wag its tail. In my mind I’m beginning to assess which will be the quieter puppies and which will be the more outgoing.

Week five Again. More toys, more dogs, more people, bigger area, picking up playing rubbing ears eyes trimming toenails clipping bottoms tidying faces More outside play bigger area again, introduce older house dogs, more toys, introduce other people including men. Mum starts staying out for three or four hours every day, identify which pups, other more outgoing, in which a quieter. Puppy introduced to an auntie, and some of the house dogs.  Pups are not really showing personality types yet.

Week six More outside play bigger area again, introduce older house dogs, more toys, introduce other people including men, pups now have some of the back yard. Sleeping area moved to the door and fenced so pups can only go outside to toilet  mums are now are away from the pups during the night. Back in during the day. Nails clipped faces clipped bottoms general to area clean. Rug put down on the grass and play with puppies on rug for a few hours most days. New people are introduced, men and women who are regulars and not have dogs at home.

Week seven Puppy assessment time and the personality matching begins We use the below as guidelines only, we always consider the needs of the pups first.

Puppies are now outside all the time, toileting and doggy doors have been introduced, the pups bed has been moved closer to the door and they no longer have access to the whole room this ensures that they are peeing outside Mums are away from the pups, most of the time they come in for a few hours here and there for socialisation play and to keep the mothers happy, milk is drying up for the mums and the pups are very adventurous and outgoing. Decisions have been made in relation to which pup goes where based on the nature and their personalities, and the above guide

Week eight Puppies now come for walks, into bigger areas of the property they visit the dam in the back paddock.This is the final test, puppies can leave us until they can run and scamper all the way to the dam with me.  When they are happy to follow me the 100 metres to the dam, we know they are ready for new homes.  They are displaying confidence, ability and brains, they can think for themselves.

They are ready for you.