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Our breeding strategy and guarantee

As a breeder, I chose Red Toy Poodles because they have been developed with a sturdy physical structure (no squashed faces or short legs) so they have the best chance to be mechanically healthy. A well-constructed dog that has balanced movement is a joy to watch, they are petite, but so active, the dogs seems to flow effortlessly with minimal effort.

The best way to protect your new puppy from inherited diseases is to make sure it was NOT INBRED.  This is why we do not inbreed and are, as a result, we are confident enough in the genetic health of our puppies to provide a Lifetime Money Back Health Guarantee on them.

Red Toy Poodle characteristics


Red Toy Poodles vary in size, however, they are always between 2.5 and 3.5 kilos

Temperament and energy levels

Cocobo Red Toy Poodles are a highly intelligent and gentle breed. They are alert yet patient. Fun loving yet affectionate. Sociable and non-aggressive, they make an ideal family pet. Bred to be a companion animal, Red Toy Poodles are intuitive, always eager to please and genuinely seek a deep connection to their people. But the do need boundaries and rules to live their best life.

Although they are a small toy size dog, they and love daily walks and playtime, after which they are normally happy to veg out and play couch potato.

Highly sociable, the breed tends to get on with other animals, children and people very well if properly socialised as a pup.

Personality matching

Personality Matching involves you completing an Owner Questionnaire so we can ascertain which temperament of puppy would suit you best.  When the pups are close to 7 weeks old we then put them each through 8 personality tests that result in them getting a score which reveals their personality.  This allows us to match owners with their best fit puppy and ensures that inexperienced owners or those with very small children don’t end up with boisterous, high energy dogs. More on personality matching

Boy or girl?

Check out this great article on males vs females.

Shedding and grooming

Cocobo Red Toy Poodles are a non-shedding breed, ideal for people with dog allergies and who are house-proud, and don’t want fur around the house. To keep them tidy and looking gorgeous, their long leg, chest, ear and body hair needs brushing every few days, and a professional groom at least every 3 months.

Watchdogs and barking

Though great watchdogs, they are not “yappy” like some breeds tend to be.  Whatever, doesn’t seem right or looks  strange (that they haven’t been conditioned to see as part of “normal” when they are puppies) they will bark to sound the alarm.  Typically, they then quickly quiet down.  However, any dog of any breed that hasn’t been properly socialized as a pup, and/or doesn’t have enough exercise, stimulation and socialisation in its life is likely get bored and bark too much.

Health and desexing

All breeds of dogs have their own propensities towards particular inherited diseases.  While selectively bred and tested Red Toy Poodles are physically designed to be healthy (e.g. no squashed face, long ears, wrinkly skin or short legs) there are some diseases that are not uncommon in them. More information on health.

Early desexing has serious proven implications to the physical and mental health of dogs for the rest of their (often much shorter) lives. Accordingly, I do not recommend desexing until dogs are 1 year old, and my puppies are not sold desexed — we like to them to be desexed at 10 to 12 months old. More information on desexing.

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