What do you think?

Hello all i would like to say hello …  please have a look around my new page.   I cant wait to hear from you here.

I need some Testimonials from families who have let me look after their dogs while they went on holidays and any other comments you may like to leave,

Please tell me what you think!

What we do on a hot day
What we do on a hot day

4 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I have the most beautiful little girl from Cocobo. Brea is a tri colour Cavalier and will be turning 4 on 1/12/2016. She is just the most gentle tempered and healthy CAV we have ever owned. Thank you so much for letting her into our lives.

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  2. Isabella and Sid come home from Cocobopaws4life needing another holiday. They have so much fun when they holiday at Cocobopaws4life. We can leave our dogs there and we can holiday with peace of mind that our dogs are in the best of care. Isabella and Sid both love to go swimming in the dam. We highly recommend leaving your furbabies at Cocobopaws4life.


  3. Our Chewie and Lily have the best time when they stay at Jenny’s , they get to catch up with the other dogs again and play. The grounds are fantastic for the dogs to run around and go for a swim in the dam. I don’t have to worry about them they are in the best care and safe environment . Jenny just loves all these animals,.


  4. Toby and Mel spent a fantastic week with Cocobo Jenny. What a holiday for them…..dams to swim in, fields to play in, other dogs to play with, and the peace of mind knowing that supervision was by an experienced and interested person. Regular Facebook photos of how happy they were was also fun!


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