Car sickness, what can I do?


As human children are more affected by motion sickness than adults, the same goes for younger dogs and puppies. The younger ones experience motion sickness because the ear structure responsible for balance is not fully developed. Some dogs outgrow motion sickness, but others don’t.


If your dog was sick during the first car ride, vomiting may only be associated with the travel, and may be the reason why your best friend may never outgrow getting ill inside the car. Canine carsickness may also be triggered by stress — especially if the destination of the car ride is the vet.

Preventing Canine Carsickness



Most carsickness episodes in dogs are brought about by stress and not the motion itself. You dog may just very well associate traveling with vomiting or anxiety. The ultimate destination of the entire trip is usually what makes your dog worried and sick. A vet visit or a kennel stay can be common concerns your dog has. Mental, emotional, and even physical trauma may be related to the car ride. Here are some ways to keep yourdog from getting carsick:




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